The length and thickness of your beard will determine how much beard oil you need to use. As with most oils, a little will go a long way. The average beard requires 6 drops a day, which means that a one-ounce bottle will last you about 100 uses, or approximately three months. Here are my personal recommendations for beard oil use:

Beardless – 1 month:
3-4 drops daily

1 – 3 months:
4-6 drops daily

3 – 12 months:
6-10 drops daily

12 + months:
10 drops and up daily

Beard Oil can be applied any time during the day to give your beard a nice shine, fresh scent, and softness. It is most effective when applied after a warm shower, as it opens the pores allowing the oils to absorb into the skin better.

Apply a dime size amount of beard oil into your palm and using your other hand coat both palms in oil.

Starting at the bottom or underside of your beard, run your hand up and through your beard making sure you get the oil onto your skin and hair.

Next move on to the top moving your hands down from your side burns. It's best to start with a small amount, but you can always add more if needed!

Lastly, run a comb through your beard, and style however you prefer. After just a few daily uses of Barter's Beard Oil, you will start to notice healthier skin and a softer beard!